John Frieda Frizz Ease Review AD

Recently I received a John Frieda VoxBox (via influenster) and enjoyed testing out all the products. If you don’t know what influenster is, it is an honest review website that focuses on real people giving real reviews of products – if you are active and have a social media impact score you are eligible to receive products for the purpose of reviewing (FOR FREE!). It’s a fun way to score some products, hear real reviews and ask questions so there is no buyers remorse.

(ABOVE L-R: my unboxing of the package, what all comes in the kit, my hair naturally, an obvious snapchat to emphasize my excitment)

I received the new Forever Smooth line which consists of a shampoo, conditioner and primer. We’ll start with the claims of this line, it’s slogan is that “True fizz immunity is here!”, it lists expectations of:

  • penetrating the hair to form a protective seal that locks of humidity
  • 3x smoother hair in just one use* (*with the whole collection being used)
  • long lasting, smooth, uniform style** (**versus the non-conditioning shampoo)


It uses pure coconut oil to achieve this and states on the packing of every product that it “Works from the inside out, while eliminating frizz for smooth styles.” as well as stating that while it gives immediate frizz resistance it can provide smoother hair altogether with continued use.


The packaging is quite nice on these products, the shampoo and conditioner come in squeeze tubes that feel higher quality and sturdier than drugstore brands. The bottoms lids have a thick ridged bottom that provides stability but also has an indent all around the opening of the tube so it is easy to open and close in the shower. The colouring is quite nice with the majority of the packaging being a silver with pink, purple and white writing. The primer comes in a box, while the bottle itself is actually a cylindrical semi-cheap feeling plastic, only the pump is the silver of the tubes with the majority of the packaging being a sheened grey. My only major complaint about the packaging is that while the pump has a twist-style lock I would have preferred a cap for travelling purposes.


All these products have a light coconut scent paired with a floral perfume, overall the scent is not overwhelming and while it lingers slightly in your hair it doesn’t conflict with any scents you want to wear. The shampoo was nice as it seems to get deep into the scalp and hair follicles to remove all of the dirt and any dead skin build-up that is starting to concern, it doesn’t have a very prominent lather but is present. Easy to rinse out and doesn’t leave the scalp heavy or weighed down despite the use of oil. The conditioner is thick and creamy, it spreads through hair wonderfully and while I did see very little immediate hair care results (aside from the lack of frizz) – it did make my hair smoother once I saw the results after heat. The anti-frizz primer was a bummer at first because I usually let my hair air-dry, frizzy hair girl does not like what heat does to emphasize the poof. Once I put heat on it and styled my hair is when I saw the biggest difference by far. There were less fly-away hairs, my baby hairs didn’t look as horrible as the usually do and my hair didn’t look like a triangle (frizzy ends with flat roots)!


Overall the products are nice, I would not recommend using this system more than twice a week and skipping the primer if you’re not putting heat on your hair but still want to reduce frizz, be generous with the conditioner on your ends but light with the shampoo on the scalp (once bottle always goes faster than the other ladies and gentlemen).


Hope you’re having a great day wherever you are!



Brow Loves

Hey lovelies,
Let’s talk about eyebrows, a girls best friend. Now I know I don’t have the BEST brows in the world but I work hard at trying to keep them nice. I have a few stand by products that I think are holy grail through and through. 
Makeup Forever Aqua Brow:

This stuff is WATERPROOF, hear not resistant but waterproof itself, I wore this to the beach and even with the surf and stand it stood strong (try saying that ten times fast).
The Face Shop Brow Kit:

Both colours in this kit are powders which is great depending on what you need. For a daily look, or natural night out this stuff is my go to. Powders don’t always have an amazing lasting powder, especially when they aren’t paired with any gel like base, but these get my seal of approval. 
ELF Brow Kit: 

A more natural, less expensive version of Aqua brow but this is more water resistant then waterproof. Bonus though is that it comes with a powder to set the gel down. The brush actually isn’t horrible and could realistically be used (I use it when travelling because it saves space).
Essence Brow Pencil:

Magic, it’s under $3 and I find nicer than the Anastasia brow pencils, it have a very easy to use waxy consistency with excellent staying power. The spooly is not my favourite but does the job fairly well, I would recommend buying a shade more neutral and lighter than your normal because it can run dark. 
Maybelline Brow Gel by Eyestudio:

See dupe for Anastasia brow gel, has a different applicator but I swear this formula is like a less glue like formula, stays all day but doesn’t leave the brows as crispy as Anastasia can. I recommend using the larger ball shaped section to brush them back and use the flatter section to brush into place, making the front section a different angle with the ball section again. 
Quick but efficient post, let me know if you want to see anything new specific. 
Bye darlings,



Quick Talk: Moisturizer 

Hey lovelies,
Let’s have a quick talk about the importance of moisturizing after shaving. Now there’s the fact that realistically we should moisturizer out body after you shower/everyday, but really who has time to do that and who really has the patience. 
Yet in the summer this can become a hassle because lots of people do like to shave more frequently, note that you don’t have to but many prefer it themselves. Shaving is rough on your skin and often involves a nice sudsing up of the area to be shaved. 
Just like when washing your face you’re stripping the skin of its oils, which in turn can cause more oils to form if you don’t moisturize and take good care of the skin. Now the rest of your body is also prone to zits and ingrown hairs if not properly handled. 
Shaving reveals a new layer of skin to the environment as often it takes away both skin cells and the hair. Added with the fact that the hair can have acted as a protectant the skin becomes both dry and irritates. Not a cute look. 
Solution, either moisturize or use a simple trick. Shave with conditioner or body cream, you can use a cheap Herbal Essence conditioner or a body butter/cream that is both nourishing and inexpensive.  
Now go conquer the world with your moisturized skin (shaved or not)! 
Bye lovelies,



DIY Hair “Potion”

Hey lovelies,
I had the idea the other day to raid my cupboard for ingredients to create a potion for nice hair. 
Summer had some great perks to hair like natural highlights, but it also tends to dry outhair with its rays and pools are not a source of conditioning for your sad ends. 
Introducing the hair potion that you probably ACTUALLY DO have the ingredients for. 
What you’ll need is:

– one egg

– have a banana (room temperature)

– 2 tablespoons of milk

– enough olive oil (sub: jojoba oil, avocado oil, etc) to create a slightly creamy paste

– I ground up 5 biotin pills to mix in 

– I added a squirt of Moroccan hair oil 
Try to stay away from oils that have some form of perfume added to them, it may small nice but all those extra chemicals will just dry out your hair. 
Put your potion on unwashed hair about a day old, the hair can’t be too greasy on its own or our mixture won’t really need to do anything. Apply liberally to ends, using less and less product until you reach the roots. Tie your hair up, wrap it in a towel or use a shower cap. Don’t touch it for around 20-30 minutes, it sounds ridiculously long but trust me. 
Afterwards wash it out with a shampoo that is not conditioning but clarifying, herbal essence makes an excellent one. This sounds counterproductive but the oils have soaked into your hair from root to tip, but you don’t want to be left with a greaseball head so this prevents that issue. 
Style or let it flow naturally, either way you’ll look great! Any guys looking at tying this you will want to half the recipe or even quarter it based on your hair length, buzz cuts stay clear!
Bye lovelies,



MAC Lippies

MAC Lippies are every makeup addicts best friend, their trademark vanilla scent paired with remarkable formulation make them a must for any addict. 

 The formula is highly pigmented on all their shades and there is such a wide colour selection anyone can find their perfect shade. My makeup collection houses 8 lipsticks, a lip liner and a patent polish lip pencil. From lightest to darkest in the photos we have Runway Hit, Brave, Girl About Town, Dangerous, Charlotte, Heroinr, Violetta (limited addition: Maleficent Collection), and Hang up. My lip liner is in the shade Cherry, with my patent polish lip pencil in the shade Sultana. 

 Let’s go!

Runway Hit: Retro matte with an orangey tiny to the peachy pink. Remarkably matte and not for anyone who has lots of fine lines they do not want emphasized. Doesn’t stain the lips much and rarely bleeds, I never use a lip liner with this one. 

Brave: Satin finish lipstick that is my perfect “your lips but better” shade, this is the perfect lipstick that pairs with any look in any season. It looks a little more brown on camera then it is in real life, it is a light brown mauve shade. 

Girl About Town: An amplified lipstick that I wore religiously in spring 2015, a more dark Barbie pink (think a shade or two darker than Candy Yum Yum). This can bleed slightly so I generally use a clear lip liner underneath because I haven’t found a nice maturing pencil yet. This will stain your lips!


Dangerous: Matte orange based red that has a habit of bleeding on my lips, I use the cherry lip pencil with this. 


Charlotte: Matte red that is more blue based and makes your teeth look incredibly white, unlike dangerous this one rarely bleeds so I let it shine without a lip liner. It does stain your lips when it wears off. 


Heroine: Matte blue based bright purple that has the most amazing feel on the lips, it stains but doesn’t dry out your lips one bit. 

Violetta: Amplified limited edition Maleficent lipstick, a wearable frosted purple, blue based but darker than heroine. Fantastic pigmentation with insane staying power.

Hang-Up: Cremesheen deep red wine shade that has a shiny finish, that shine wears off in about 2 hours but is beautiful. This lipstick doesn’t bleed much but does stain so look out! 

Sultana: A patent polish lip pencil that has a similar finish to the cremesheens but is slightly less opaque and more glossy. This is a more gray toned version of Hang-Up. 

Honourable mention is the MAC studio chroma graphic pencil crayon multi-usages stick, long name but it’s basically a concealer pencil that is perfect for perfecting that lip line. I am pale as heck so use shade NC15/NW20.

Now go on and make awesome lipstick choices! What’s ur favourite MAC Lippie? Let me know in the comments!
Abby 💄


Mascara Monday featuring Two Faced

Hello lovelies,

Mascara is every girls guilty pleasure, it opens your eyes and completes a look even if you have nothing else on! My favourite until a few weeks ago was Benefit They’re Real, as we all know it has a very defined spiked wand with a slight ball shape at the end for extra definition. It’s also a pain in the butt to get off! For a while everyone was raving about the Two Faced Better than Sex and I figured it was a new release and the adoration would die down so I wasn’t really interested, stick with what you know kinda deal. After almost a year since the hype I decided to try it out and oh my gosh the hype was right. A different wand than what I typically use it is a soft bristled brush with a thicker formula that really coats the lashes and you can even back-comb them without fear. It has a formula that allows reapplication throughout the day without clumps and overall is incredible!

I give this mascara a super big thumbs up and recommend you go give it a try, you can purchase it at Sephora ($30C) or Two Faced’s website (also $30C).

That’s all lovelies,



Beauty Break Ep.1

Hey lovelies!

Todays beauty break will be all about blackheads. Let’s talk about the actual science of blackheads first, they aren’t really that different from whiteheads aside from the fact that the pore is open and exposed to air. The oxidation of the oils is what helps them solidify and turn that dark grey black colour, gross I know. Anyway the main thing to focus on here is that the blackhead itself is not dirt, for the most part it is dead skin and excess oil that clogged your pores. Good exfoliation and moisturizing can help keep your skin clear, the exfoliation keeps your skin fresh by getting rid of the dead skin cells laying on top of the face. Moisturizing your skin helps to keep the oil glands at bay and since they don’t need to work as hard there will be less clogged pores.

The best way to deal with already clogged pores is by using either a blackhead mask or face wash, continuing with the regular exfoliation and moisturizing. My favourite higher end mask is the glamglow supermud clearing treatment, be forewarned that do this when you have a week or so before any photo opportunity since it will pull out EVERYTHING, oils you didn’t even know you had. Bioré nose strips are a throwback favourite, they work well and it is slightly fun to look at all the blackheads that you pulled out, their charcoal face cleanser works well as a daily cleanser. As for an exfoliator, I prefer the physical kind so I can feel the dead skin being ground off but if you’re into the chemical variations go for that.

As for covering these little gems in the process, try not to put a lot of product over or near them as it doesn’t help keep the pols at bay at all. If you can its best to let them clear without cover. If you have an event or in general feel the need to cover them then come concealers/foundations I’d recommend are the Covergirl BB smoothers or the Sephora brand concealer pen. Their lightweight formula allows them to sit on top of the issue and give a light layer of coverage without disturbing the clearing process that’s occurring, they’re relatively cheap yet quite effective in their purpose.

Alright everyone see you soon!